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Bridge From Home

With the worries surrounding Coronavirus and more and more countries moving towards social distancing to contain the virus, we’ve compiled a list of bridge supplies that will help you in playing bridge at home away from the club.

Precut Baize Squares for Card Tables

Precut baize squares for card tables
Choose baize to refelt your card table

Are you restoring or refelting an antique card table? If so you may be interested to know that our dedicated baize fabric website has precut baize squares available in the two sizes most card tables are available in.

Premium British Baize

The precut squares we sell are cut from rolls of premium quality british made baize. With a merino wool content of 95% strengthened with 5% polyester, combined with a tight weave, makes this baize hardwearing. It is the best material to recover your card table with.

Baize With Knowledge

Through Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies, Simon has gained a lifetime’s experience in working with baize, using it to make intricate playing card table cloths. If there’s something about baize Simon doesn’t know, it really isn’t worth knowing.

If you buy baize from Baize and Wool for re-covering your card table and require advice on applying the baize to the table, then Simon will be more than happy to help you.

Arrow Cards for Bridge

Bridge Arrow cards are a brilliant addition to any bridge player’s library of learning and practice resources. They will perfectly augment your current bridge books, but with the added interest of having an interactive element.

Arrow Cards or Arrow Packs?

For the bridge beginner these two terms describe the same thing. In short Arrow cards come in packs – like regular playing cards – so thus they are often called arrow packs too.

What Are Arrow Cards for Bridge?

Arrow cards are a clever invention designed as a bridge learning aide, that can be used by yourself or with your partner. They are essentially a predetermined play of cards. The cards in the packs are arranged in a specific order, with Arrows printed on the backs to indicate which position (NSEW) should get the next dealt card.

The faces of the cards are normal playing card faces with Hearts, Clubs, Spade and Diamonds.

Using the arrows printed on the back, when you deal, you won’t know what the other positions have, but the accompanying book or guide that comes with the cards does. Meaning that you can work through the set examples.

Using arrow cards/arrow packs will allow you to develop and perfect your bidding and encourage new ways of thinking about bidding as well as learning new bidding conventions. It has been proven that gaining experience through doing is the best way to learn something new.

Re-covering, Restoring or Refurbishing a Card Table?

Many of our customers have their own card tables or look after their Bridge club’s tables. Over time these tables get worn out. Perhaps the table frame is in good condition, but that fabric surface where the action happens either gets torn or has worn thin or has simply become bobbled up – in the trade this is called “pilling”.

At about this time you’ll probably be looking for articles about Refelting a Card Table. Although some tables may get covered in felt, more usually a baize has been used.

The two fabrics are often confused and some suppliers add to this confusion by using the term interchangably.

With over 30 years of experience using this fabric to make his world famous baize table cloths, Simon knows that felt and baize are anything but interchangable.

The Differences

Felt is a matted fabric, made either from low grade wool or a synthetic fibre. Baize on the otherhand is a woven fabric with a distinct warp and weft, that too can be made from a low grade wool or fibre.

Things to Consider When Restoring a Card Table

To cover playing card tables a durable fabric is required. The best fabric for this job, is Baize. But not all baizes are the same.

Cheap Baize = False Economy

If the price is low, so too will the quality of the fabric you’re buying. Cheap baize will not stand the test of time. It will be made from a thin yarn using a fibre of questionable origin. It will pill or bobble up. It will have wide gaps between warp and weft. Your table project will look bad.

Simply put, cheap baize isn’t worth your time.

Properties of Quality Baize

The baize we stock in our Fabrics Department and on our dedicated Fabric shop Baize and Wool Fabrics are all British made Baizes, using either 95% British wool or 100% Merino wool. All of these baizes are made to a heritage grade. This means that they are subject to rigourous quality controls for colour and weave.

The yarn of all these heritage grade baizes are thicker and the weave of the fabric is tighter. This means that the fabric is highly durable, meaning that refurbishing your card table with a square of baize supplied by us will not only last a long time but will look good for a long time too.

The Takeaways

Refurbishing, re-covering or restoring a card table requires a tough and durable fabric. British Baize is the best fabric for the job and although upfront the cost is higher, the job won’t need re-doing for many years to come… if at all!

Focus On Bridge Score Pads

Bridge Score Cards? Bridge Score Pads? Bridge Scorers?

What do you call them?

Whatever name you give them, our Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies branded cards, are only made from premium card stock.

Why Use Heavy Weight Card?

Firstly heavy weight card is good to use for pads of score cards, because – unlike paper – they won’t rip.

You know what it’s like. Some ball point pens or even pencils can cause this to happen, which is real problem especially if you’re half way through a game. Usually it’s cheaper biros which have a sharp writing point, that cause this or an overly eager pencil sharpener!

Secondly, heavy weight cards – if used singly – absorb some of the pressure from writing, which in turn helps to protect the table that you’re playing bridge at.

Finally, a heavier weight score card can provide a slightly firmer surface to write on, perfect if you’re using a cloth to cover your playing card table.

Score Cards for All

With our long history of selling fine Bridge supplies, we know what players look for in a pad of score cards. We stock score cards for Rubber Bridge and Chicago Bridge score cards available in regular size to fit our range of score card holders.

Go Large

If you want a little more room to keep track of your scores, then our range of extra wide score cards are for you! Again we make extra wide Rubber bridge score cards and extra wide Chicago bridge score cards.

Colourful Options to Suit Your Style

With 29 designs to choose from, you’ll never get bored. Better still all of the decorative bridge score cards that we stock are compatible with score card holders too.

See The Range

To see the complete range of score cards, score pads or scorers that we stock, click the button below!

Cheap Double Sided Rubber Bridge Score Cards

We have double sided rubber bridge score cards on special offer at the moment. Just 99p for a pack of 50 loose score cards.

Save on Premium Unboxed Playing Cards

Continuing our January sales with over 20% off our unboxed premium 330 playing cards.

If you don’t know of them, these playing cards are loved by players for their durability and card handling. They are made using the heaviest weight playing card board available and then coated with a non-stick coating, that not only protects the cards but make shuffling and dealing these cards a real joy!

2020 Bridge Calendars On Sale Now!

2020 Times Bridge Calendar is ON SALE NOW.

This classic little desk calendar needs little introduction. It features 365 of champion Bridge player Andrew Robson’s positions. One for each day of the year.

We haven’t changed the price of this calendar since 2009… Until now, we’ve slashed the price to under £10! Hurry as stocks are limited and they’re selling fast!

New Products for November

We’ve updated our webshop with lots of new bridge products this November.

Prizes for Your Bridge Club

Need some inspiration for buying prizes for your bridge club? Then take a look and clicking on our handy guide below: