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Well here it is! The first post on our brand new bridge blog! We’ve been wanting to create an online community space for our bridge-playing customers for a long time, and with some guidance and support from friends and family, and enthusiastic encouragement from our lovely customers (thank you to you all!), we’ve created this bridge blog.

We extend an open invitation to bridge players of all different abilities and experience to contribute a post on a topic of their choice. We hope to post a bridge-related article on a Monday, and Fridays will be called “Showcase Friday”, when we focus on a particular bridge-related product or range. We hope to post both light-hearted fun articles and more serious bridge topics, all contributed by regular players of bridge. Do you have an inner blogger yearning to be heard? Get in touch and we’ll tell you how to submit your post to us!

Who Are We?
I guess we ought to introduce ourselves! I’m Andrea and I’m the wife of Simon Lucas, of Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies.

Simon has been supplying bridge players from all over the world with his beautiful hand-made bridge cloths for 24 years, and together over the last 10 years we have built a well respected mail order business of bridge supplies.

Share Your Thoughts With Us
Is there a particular topic you’d like to see posted here? Please let us know.

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