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East/West Blues

As fairly old club members happy to play E/W we have soldiered on taking our occasional master points among other E/Ws.  Of late, a move (we think at the instigation of the EBU) has been to amalgamate the N/S and E/W scores by ‘arrow switching’.  The effect, decried by fellow E/Ws, seems to ensure that N/S pairs now cream off all master points leaving all E/W pairs to fill in the tail end positions.  Added to this, also we think as a result of on EBU edict, clubs are insisting on switching polarities at random to the irritation of those who like to like to play E/W.  As a result, pleasant evening duplicate sessions have become less so.

Are we in a minority who feel this?

Post written by: Bridgebodgers
How long have you been Bridge players? 40 years
How would you describe your level of expertise? Happy club duplicate players
What bidding system do you use? 5 Card Majors

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