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Personalised Playing Cards

There are many reasons why we think Ours are the Best!

What’s so special about our Personalised Playing Cards?  Here’s the answer:

  • Premium Quality 330gsm Board:  Playing card board is special.  It’s not like ordinary card.  It is made up of 3 layers, the middle layer being a black graphite liner to make the cards totally opaque (to avoid prying eyes seeing what cards you’re holding!).  The board we use is rather special, as you will know if you already use any of our boxed or unboxed Premium Quality playing cards.  We are the only company in the UK (and possibly the world) using this top-quality board to make personalised playing cards.
  • Specially Formulated Coating:  We’ve recently had a coating specially formulated for our exclusive use.  The coating gives the cards optimum slip and they glide nicely in the hand.  We use this on your personalised cards as standard.  No extra charge.
  • 55-Card Decks:  When we lay out your playing cards for printing, they’re laid up on sheets that fit 18 cards at a time.  So, a 55-card deck uses 3 sheets, and a corner of a 4th sheet.  To save money, other manufacturers have reduced the number of cards in your deck to 54, but we think it’s important to maintain top-quality and consistency whether you’re buying a standard pack of cards from us or having your own produced.  We offer you a 55-Card Deck as standard (52 cards, 2 jokers, 1 bridge scorer).
  • Extensive Assistance with Artwork:  We have been highly praised for our comprehensive and friendly help in getting your artwork ready.  If you send photos, Andrea reviews the quality, gives extensive help in getting the best quality photos to us, and give lots of help and advice.   We can even put together a sheet of design ideas for you based on your brief, all as part of our service.  We want your personalised playing cards to be the very best quality, for our sake as well as yours, and second-best is not an option for us.
  • Professionally Designed Templates:  Personalised playing cards make a wonderful gift and we understand that you won’t necessarily have any artwork that we can use.  We have invested in a range of professionally designed templates that we can customise with wording of your choice, and also the colourway of your choice.
  • Printing Proofs:  We work with you every step of the way through the designing of your playing cards.  We then email a printing proof to you to approve so that you get the best possible idea of how your cards will look before they’re produced.
  • Regular Faces:  Have you ordered personalised playing cards from another company and wondered why the printing on the faces is so small?  It’s because they’ve shrunk the artwork to accomodate inaccurate printing and trimming.  The press we use has very accurate registration (ie matching front to back) and the cards are trimmed with a high level of care and attention, so we are able to print regular sized faces on your card decks.
  • Cellowrapped Decks:  We cellowrap your decks as standard, to keep them pristine and give them a professional finish.  Other suppliers don’t do this time-consuming and skilled process.   Whether you’re buying the personalised cards for yourself or a gift for someone else, we think that cellowrapping the decks makes them even more special.
  • Presentation Packaging:  Personalised playing cards are a treat, and we think cheap, disposable packaging is not a good way to present your card decks.  As a well-established Bridge supplier, we have a range of presentation packaging for either single decks or twin decks.  We package your cards in perspex presentation boxes included in the price, so that your cards are presented to a high standard whichever packaging option you choose.

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