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Baize or Felt? A Guide to Buying Wisely

Green Baize Fabric

Baize or Felt? A Guide to Buying Wisely

We feel passionately that consumers should be given clear and accurate information about products and it frustrates us that members of the public are regularly being sold ‘quality baize’ when they’re actually buying a fabric which is inferior and in most cases, not even baize. So, we’ve compiled this brief guide to help you shop wisely for your baize.

We at Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies have been making top-quality baize table cloths for bridge for over quarter of a century, so we consider ourselves to be experts on fabrics for card tables and cardplay.

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between baize and felt, not only amongst consumers but also retailers. This isn’t surprising when you search online and find many suppliers describing felt as baize, or a fabric as ‘baize felt’, ‘felt baize’ or even felt/baize as if the two fabrics are the same. They’re not!

Differences Between Baize and Felt

It’s important to know whether you’re buying baize or felt, because the two fabrics are very different. Felt is a lightweight fabric made from matted fibres of either wool or a synthetic. Being matted rather than held together in a tight weave, the fibres easily fluff up or ‘pill’ if rubbed. On the other hand, baize is a strong, dense and hard-wearing fabric made from woven strands of wool. If you look closely at baize, you’ll see it has a warp and a weft. It it’s top-quality, such as the fabric we use to make our baize bridge cloths, it doesn’t pill and it will look great and last for many years. There really is no comparison between felt and the far superior baize.

Not All Baizes Are Equal

Having said that baize is better than felt, baizes can differ wildly in quality too. We’ve seen baize produced in the Far East which was a woven fabric but it was very thin and had a loose weave. We ran tests on this fabric and found that it lost a lot of fibres quite quickly and was poor quality.

As a rule of thumb, good quality baize is not a cheap fabric. If you find a supplier selling cheap baize, ask yourself:

  • Is this baize or felt?
  • If it’s baize, is it good quality?
  • Do I trust this supplier to know the difference between baize and felt, and to know the different qualities of baize?

We Supply the Highest Quality Baize

If you need baize for your upholstery, sewing or craft project, you can purchase baize from us. We sell it off the roll (by the metre), in pre-cut baize squares and as baize remnants and baize offcuts, in a variety of stock colours. We can also get in other colours for you if you’re looking for something specific – drop us a line and we’d be happy to help!

Quality Baize and Wool Fabrics

We now have a specialist web store dedicated to the wholesale retail of high quality baize and woollen fabrics. The fabrics we stock are ideal for:


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  1. Susan allen #

    Please explain what type of glue needed o attach baize to an antique game table

    October 24, 2016
  2. Steve Bartlett #

    I have bought a old Vono card table in excellent condition and want to replace the baize (which I will be buying from you.) I am unclear if i can remove the central piece from the sides to take the baize down the edges or whether I just cut off the old baize and glue to the edges. Any thought would be much appreciated.

    January 17, 2018
    • Hi Steve,

      I suggest removing the central fabric-covered panel, then you can take off the old baize and replace it with new. If you need any more guidance, please give us a call on 01380 829922 after you’ve placed your order for the replacement baize, and we’d be happy to discuss it further.


      January 17, 2018
      • Steve Bartlett #

        The exposed surface is 74cm square and the sides are 5cm so I’m looking at a piece 84cm (33″) square.
        So your 86 square baize would be ideal?

        January 17, 2018
      • Hi Steve, the 86cm square should be ample. You’ll probably find that the fabric covered central panel is quite shallow (a centimetre or so), so you’ll actually end up with a few centimetres of fabric to attach to the underside. Plus we normally cut the squares slightly larger than advertised so that you have a bit extra there too.

        January 17, 2018
  3. Samantha Deane #

    Hi I need to replace the tops of two antique writing desks. There seems to be an existing thin baize or felt. I only need about 2 meters. Also what glie do I need to attach it yo the top of the desk? Do uou sell any self adhesive baize?

    October 15, 2018
    • Hi Samantha,

      Our baize would be the right choice for your two antique writing desks. Traditionally made in England, it ensures authenticity in restoration projects. Click here to browse our range of baizes. We’re happy to give advice regarding glues and methods to any customer – please contact us after you’ve placed your order and ask to speak to Simon. Finally, we only sell traditional baize and not any that is self-adhesive.

      October 16, 2018

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