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Guide to Downloading the GOTO Bridge XVI Demo

GOTO Bridge XVI Demo

It’s good to know what a piece of software is like before you buy it, and the makers of GOTO Bridge XVI have kindly supplied us with a demo version of their software so that you can trial it and decide whether it’s right for you.

Instructions for Downloading the Demo

  1. GOTO Bridge XVI is bridge playing software that can only operate on a PC so please follow these instructions while at your PC.
  2. Click to download GOTO Bridge XVI. The following screen will appear:GOTO Bridge XVI Download Screen 1
  3. Click ‘Save File’
  4. When the file has finished downloading there should be a blue arrow in the top right of your web-browser screen.  (We’re using Firefox – this might differ on different browsers.)
    GOTO Bridge XVI Download Screen 2
  5. Click on the blue arrow to open the dialogue box which will show you the downloaded file:GOTO Bridge XVI Download Screen 3
    Click on the name of the file (‘BJBSEN-1120(1).EXE‘). The following dialogue box will appear:
    GOTO Bridge XVI Download Screen 4
    Click ‘Yes’ and GOTO Bridge will install on your computer (it’s completely safe and won’t harm your computer in any way. It can also be uninstalled quickly, easily and safely if you want to remove the program at a later date).
  6. When installed, GOTO Bridge XVI should automatically open and show you the following screen:GOTO Bridge XVI Download Screen 5This screen shows you how many free trials you have remaining – there will be 20 to begin with. Click the grey ‘Play’ button and have a happy time playing bridge!

About GOTO Bridge XVI

Are you looking to play bridge hands on your computer? Then GOTO Bridge is for you. GOTO Bridge is a piece of software that you install on your PC and you can play bridge as often as you like – weekly, daily, day or night!

GOTO Bridge is a reference among bridge software in the world. Thanks to its numerous game modes and features, it allows players of all ages and levels to have endless fun.

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  1. Mary Clark #

    How can I find the GoToBridgeXVI that I had before my software was upgraded to MS10? Thanks

    November 13, 2017

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