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A Handy Guide to Using Our Website: Part 1

Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Home Page Visual

A Handy Guide to Using Our Website: Part 1

Today we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of hints and tips on how to find your way to our webshop and then how to browse our products.  We’ll be looking at fast ways of getting the information you’re looking for including:

  • Getting to our website from our web address
  • Key features of the homepage
  • Using the search function to find a product
  • Using the breadcrumb trail for quick navigation
  • Filtering the products into a specific order
  • Browsing the categories and sub-categories
  • Viewing expanded images of the products
  • Seeing images of products that have variables
  • Reading and leaving product reviews

Getting Ready

Before we begin, I recommend that you open a second window on your web browser so you can flick between this tutorial and our webshop, trying out each hint as we cover them. You’ll find that I’ve given you a link to each of the pages as we go through them, so if you get stuck at any point, click on the link to be taken directly to that page. We’ll start the tutorial by finding our webshop from your web browser:

Getting to our Website Using our Web Address

Finding a website is very quick and easy if you know the address of the website you want to visit.  If you receive our catalogue or other printed materials from us, you’ll see our web address is printed on it:

Using a Tablet or Mobile

Open your web browser (Safari or Google Chrome for example) and type the whole address into the browser address bar.  You will then be taken directly to our website.

Using a Desktop Computer

  1. Open your browser (you might be using Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for example).
  2. Type our web address directly into the browser address bar.  You’ll find the browser address bar at the top of the browser window:An example of a browser address bar

If your browser automatically opens a search engine such as Google or Yahoo for example, click into the browser address bar to select the search engine address (it turns blue when it’s selected). Browser address bar on the Google webpage

  1. Now you can either delete the existing address (by pressing ‘Delete’ or the backspace key on your keyboard) or just start typing our web address.  Please don’t worry, you’re not making any irreversible changes and this won’t stop Google opening automatically next time you open your browser.
  2. When you’ve typed in our web address, press the Enter button on your keyboard.  You will be taken directly to the homepage of our website:Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Home Page Visual

Navigating Our Website

You’ve used our web address and found us – welcome to our website!  Now that you’ve found us, here are a few hints and tips for getting round our site easily. (Click Here if you haven’t got our website open alongside this tutorial, and we’ll open it for you).

Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Homepage

This is our homepage.  We’ve labelled key parts of the page and will go through what each of them does:Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Homepage with Labels

  • Logo:  No matter which page you’re on in our website, clicking on the logo will take you back to the homepage.
  • Search Bar: If you’re looking for a specific product, you can search for it by typing one or more words in the search bar.  You can enter the product code, the product name, or a few descriptive words.  If you type in something specific which the search engine recognises as a particular product, you will be taken straight to that product page.  If the search engine doesn’t recognise what you’re looking for, it will search for that string of letters in either the name or description of every product in our range, and will display all of the results (some will be relevant and others won’t).
  • Shopping Basket: Here you can see a summary of items you’ve added to your shopping basket.  From this window click ‘View Basket’ to quickly navigate to your shopping basket to see what’s in there or to add/remove items.  Click ‘Checkout’ to go straight to the checkout page.
  • Product Categories:  The grey bar beneath the header displays the categories of products in our webshop.  We use these when browsing, which we’ll cover in more depth below.

Browsing Our Products Using the Product Categories

These are the product categories on our website: Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Product Categories

When you click on one of them from our website, you are taken to the category page which will either display products (such as the Card Table & Chairs category) or a page of sub-categories.  On our website, let’s click on the ‘Stationery‘ category for example.  It will show us the sub-categories:Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Category Page showing Sub-Categories

Clicking on a sub-category will display all of the relevant products.  For example, we’re looking at Stationery so  go to our website and let’s click on the sub-category ‘Rubber & Chicago‘ and it will show us the product range which we can browse through.  As there are 32 products on this page, you will need to scroll down to see them all.  There are some useful links on this page:Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Sub Category Page with Labels

  • Search Bar: You can still search from this page, exactly as before.
  • Product Categories: The Product Categories are repeated down the left-hand column.  Click on any one of them to go to the relevant page.
  • Breadcrumb Trail: This shows you the path to this page from the homepage and is a quick way to navigate around. When you hover your mouse over the Breadcrumb Trail, the words become links and you can click on them to return to that part of the website (so in the image above ‘Home’ takes you to the homepage, and ‘Stationery’ takes you back to the stationery category page).  Use these to return quickly to those other pages.
  • Product Filter: The filter changes the order of the products being displayed, and if you’re looking for something in particular (such as the cheapest product or the newest product) it’s a great way of sorting the products into that order.  The choices are:
    • Default Sorting (no particular order)
    • Popularity (i.e. the number we’ve sold)
    • Average Rating (customers are invited to rate products and give product reviews.  If they’ve been given a rating, products that have the highest rating appear first)
    • Newness (displays the newest products first)
    • Price: low to high
    • Price: high to low

The Product Page

To find out more information about a product, on our website click on either the product image or the green ‘View Product’ button.  This takes you to the product page:Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Product Page with Labels

  • Bullet Points: A summary of the product features
  • Price: Either a single amount, or for items that can be purchased in bulk, a table showing the price breaks
  • Quantity Selector: Either type in the quantity you require, or use the up/down arrows to select the quantity
  • Add to Basket Button: When you’ve selected the quantity, click on this button to add this quantity to your shopping basket.
  • Tabs – Description / Additional Information / Reviews:
    • These three tabs are beneath the product image and thumbnails. It’s likely that you’ll need to scroll down the page to see them.  There are three ways to scroll: using the wheel in the middle of your mouse, using the scroll bar on the right hand side of your screen, or use the ‘Page Down’ button on your keyboard.
    • The description tab gives detailed information about the product.
    • Additional Information gives product specifics, such as the variables available (colour, size etc.)
    • Reviews: click on this tab to read the reviews that other customers have left.  If you’ve purchased this product and want to help other customers make an informed choice, you can give it a rating or review here too.
  • Image: This is the main product image.  Click on it to open an enlarged view.
  • Thumbnails: These are additional images of the product.  Clicking on a thumbnail opens the enlarged view.  More about images below.


All of our photographs are high-resolution so you can zoom in and see the product in great detail.  Click on the main product image, or on one of the thumbnails. This will bring up an expanded view of the image on a transparent black background (you can still see the product page beneath):Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Bridge Cloth Image with Labels

  • Image Title: The name of the image, it’s usually a descriptive title that gives you more information about the product from that angle.
  • Close Icon: Clicking on the ‘X’ will close the image and its black background, and will take you back to the product page.
  • Expand Icon: If you’re looking at the image on any screen other than an extra-large monitor, you’ll see this icon in the top left-corner.  Clicking on it opens the image to its largest size, giving you the best possible detail.  Click on the ‘reduce’ icon in the same corner to return to this view.
  • Navigation Arrows: When a product has multiple images, use these arrows to scroll through them.  The numbers between the arrows tell you how many images there are of that product, and which number image you’re viewing.  The cloth in the example above has two images, and we’re seeing image 2 of 2.

Products with Variables: Seeing Images of the Variations

We offer bidding boxes in multiple colours, and we offer bridge cloths with a choice of decoration: these products have variables.  We’re going to look at one of these in more detail: the BC07 bridge cloth.  Let’s go to our website and find that cloth:

  • Search Bar.  If you use the search, please note that the product code contains a zero, not the letter ‘o’
  • Product Categories.  You’ll find it via Bridge Cloths > Connoisseur Collection > Green Baize Bridge Cloth – Petersham Border.

When we look at the product page for this BC07 cloth, you’ll see there is a drop-down menu listing the available options:Variables Menu

Click to expand the menu to see the options.  When you select an option, the image changes to show you that variation:Image Changes with Variable Menu

Some products have additional options.  Staying on the BC07 product page you’ll see you have the option of a presentation box.  When you select the option, the main image changes to show you the box:Product with Optional Extras

Visit Our Website

We’ve given you lots of advice, now you can Click Here to Visit Our Website and try out all the information we’ve given you!  This link will take you to our home page, from where you’ve learned how to search for a product, browse the categories, browse the products and look at large images.  You’ll also be able to read the extended information and leave a product review.  In the next part, we’ll be looking at the shopping basket in detail, and going through the checkout process together.

If you have any further questions, please submit them to us using the comment box at the bottom of this article.

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