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Focus On: Playing Card Qualities

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  1. For America, I have found KEM cards to be the best. They are durable, long lasting, easy to handle and shuffle, and very important, cleanable. The cards that give me the most trouble are the standard Italian ones that are like billboards. The only successful way I have seen them shuffled are to try and cram one half into the other, which over a few shuffles destroy the edges. Watching this being done or doing it makes me want to cry.

    March 3, 2016
    • Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. KEM cards are 100% plastic, which means they’re far more durable than traditional paper-based cards. We stock Modiano plastic cards and also their acetate cards. However, even though the acetates are renowned for their papery feel, we find that lots of people struggle to control these cards. This is why we’ve developed and extended our Premium Quality range of paper-based playing cards, which are thin but elastic so they are easy to shuffle and deal. I know exactly what you mean about the Italian cards – they’re made on a heavyweight 340gsm or 350gsm triplex board which is rigid and too much like cardboard.

      March 3, 2016

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