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Perfect for Crafters – British Baize Offcuts


AS you may know, we make all our own Playing Card Table cloths. Each one is of premium quality and is handmade by us here in the UK.

All the baize cloths that we make are made from 95% British wool and the baize itself is woven by a UK mill.

When making cloths we always have cloth leftover from the process, either the end of the roll (bigger pieces) or trimmings. We try not waste too much of this wonderful cloth but some is inevitable.

As such we sell on our website those offcuts in various sizes and colours, which are just perfect for craft projects. One of our customers has used offcuts he bought to trim some chess luxurious pieces, sticking the baize under each piece.

To see what we have in stock visit our web shop today!

Further Reading

If you’d like to know more about Baize, we have an article that explains why Baize is a superior material to make playing card table cloths from.

We also have an article on how Simon transforms this excellent material into the wonderful premium quality playing card table cloths that we sell.

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