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Bridge Things for Spring

Beautiful Things for Spring

SPRING is dragging its heels this year, so we thought we’d compile a list of some fantastic Bridge Things for Spring from our range of products. We decided to pick the colourful and the vibrant, the fun and the flippant, to bring you a bit of carefree joy to your bridge this May.

Bridge Napkins – For Summer Entertaining

Summer Bridge Napkins

With Spring in the air we can’t help but think of Summer and dining outside. Whether a picnic or a Barbeque it’s always handy to have some paper napkins on hand. These are eco-friendly made from recycled paper and water based inks. They’re constrcuted from durable 3 ply paper so they last the whole meal so a pack overall lasts you longer!

£3.50 per pack

Colourful Bridge Score Card Holders

Colourful Bridge Score Card Holders

Our range of Iguana score card holders are colourful and vibrant and exclusive to us. Have fun combining your favourite colours to make your perfect and unique set. With nine core colours you have over 80 variations to choose from!
£34.99 for 4 Score Card Holders

British Bidder Bidding Boxes

British Bidder bidding box

Our British Bidder Bridge Bidding boxes inject a vibrant new range of colours into the bridge bidding box world! If you’re sick of Jannersten’s uninspired colours then the British Bidder is the box for you. The British Bidders are the first range of bidding boxes available in six striking colours, the first bidding boxes to be made in the UK AND are the first bidding boxes to be made from recyclable materials! That’s a lot of firsts!
£45.95 for 4 including left or right bidding cards

Caspari Playing Cards

Caspari Playing Cards

Ever colourful and ever collectable – Caspari playing cards are always a firm favourite with our customers. We have recently received some of the latest designs from Caspari which really do capture the spirit of Spring. Each twin deck of cards comes in a gold presentation box.
£13.45 including presentation box

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