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New to Contract Bridge?


IF you’re new to or thinking about taking up contract bridge then there is a fantastic online interactive game tutorial that takes you through the finer points of the game, step-by-step.

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Top 5 Bridge Apps

Top 10 Bridge Apps

WE have updated this article for 2018 to include a further 5 more apps that are brilliant for bridge players of levels. To see our Top 10 Bridge Apps – simply click the button below:

Internet Shopping for Bridge Supplies? Top Tips for Staying Safe

If you’re buying a mass-market product like a washing machine, retailers advertise the brand and the model number so when you do price comparisons you can be sure you’re comparing like-for-like and getting the best deal. When you’re buying your bridge supplies, there aren’t many recognised brands or model numbers, so how can you be sure you’re getting a good deal and not just being sold an inferior item?

We’ve made a number of observations over the years, and we think they might help you to stay safe while internet shopping for bridge supplies.

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A Difference of Opinion

We have moved this article to our main website

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