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Top 5 Bridge Apps

IN the fast-moving world of digital technology, it was only a matter of time before you can take a game or two of Bridge with you on the move.

We’ve decided to do a little round-up of the top 5 Bridge Apps that allow you to play bridge on the move or are useful to developing your game.

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10 Gift Ideas for Card Players This Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas 2017As a premium UK outlet for Bridge aficionados and card players alike, we have steadily been carving out a niche based around exclusive and high quality card gaming equipment. Everything we stock we source from the best manufacturers we can find and increasingly, we are sourcing as many of our products as possible from within the UK. Furthermore we are slowly but surely building up own brand lines, which are made by us exclusively in our workshop in Devizes.

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Join us for Bridge with Shaw Taylor

A must for enthusiasts or absolute beginners, this three hour video, based on the highly successful television series from 1983, Join Us For Bridge, takes player and partner from dealing and the opening bid through the intricacies of the game. Presenter Shaw Taylor Read more

Pancake Day, Tea Stops Play

Serving Pancakes at Your Bridge Afternoon

It’s Shrove Tuesday today and I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to serve pancakes instead of cakes or sandwiches as afternoon tea to bridge pals. However, not many of us nowadays have time for fussy preparation (and washing up) and the Read more

Ten Point Guide to Duplicate Boards and Wallets

We stock a range of boards and wallets for duplicate bridge.  Read our Ten Point Guide to help you decide which is right for you, and to help you get the most out of your boards and wallets. Read more

Poetry Corner

Always the comedian, during a recent game of cards Simon cracked a joke about the hand he’d been dealt that made us all laugh.  So, feeling inspired, I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard to be more accurate) and put his witticism into a little limerick for you to enjoy!

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What Uses are Aces and Spades?


The last card landed on the top of my partner’s other twelve and I picked up a collection reminiscent of so many hands before:

♠ AT764          A872             ♦ T54              ♣ 2

Using the wonderful (but high risk) SEHAWK™ bidding system my partner sitting North opened 1♦ (showing 13 to 15 SEHAWK™ points). A rather puzzled look on the face of East was followed by a pass from him. My hand was worth 14 SEHAWK™ points and so I made a game invitational bid of 2♣ (I like bidding singletons almost as much as bidding voids!). An even more puzzled look from West was followed by his hesitant pass. Read more

Aggressive Opening Bid for 18/19 Points?

We play a simple 5 Card Major system with a Phoney Club and A Strong (15 to 17) No Trump with ‘add-ons’:

  • Staymen, Transfers and 2 Spade (9 point)
  • Benji Acol Weak Twos and Pre-empts
  • Standard 2NT openers Read more

East/West Blues

As fairly old club members happy to play E/W we have soldiered on taking our occasional master points among other E/Ws.  Of late, a move (we think at the instigation of the EBU) has been to amalgamate the N/S and E/W scores by ‘arrow switching’.  The effect, decried by fellow E/Ws, Read more