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Maths Magic!

Have you ever wondered how magicians always seem to know which card you picked?  Watch this witty, entertaining and informative video to see the maths behind the magic!  You’ll never look at a deck of cards the same way again… Read more

52 Factorial

Luxury Personalised Playing Cards Card Couture52 Factorial by Scott Czepiel

Just how many combinations of playing cards are there?  Scott Czepiel tells us a story to help us imagine the number!

Read more

Swap Cards and the Melbourne Playing Card Collectors

 The Beginnings of the MPCC

By Hilary Oates of the Melbourne Playing Card Collectors, Australia (MPCC)

Before we look at the beginnings of the MPCC we need to first look at the Beginnings of Card Collecting and Swap Cards.

Hilda Hulsbergen our immediate past President for 25+years and now Public Officer of the MPCC remembers how Card collecting had been Read more

Dirty Hands

A Cheating Scandal In The World of Professional Bridge

By David Owen for The New Yorker, March 7th 2016 issue | Illustration by Javier Jaén


In 2010, Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz—Israeli bridge players in their early twenties—were members of the team that won the World Junior Teams Championship. The following year, their Read more