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Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes: Presentation Box New Fabric Linings

We’re very happy to announce that our beautiful Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes now come presentation packaged with 5 new elegant choices of fabric lining.

Each presentation box for the four Thuya wood bidding boxes is handmade using traditional box making techniques. It is then skillfully lined with fabric by Simon. Not only does the presentation box and fabric lining look fantastic, if you’re giving as a gift, it also helps to protect the boxes when they’re not in use.

If you’d like to find out more about these beautiful, ever-lasting bridge bidding boxes then simply click on the button below

Buy Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes

Bridge Things for Spring

Beautiful Things for Spring

SPRING is dragging its heels this year, so we thought we’d compile a list of some fantastic Bridge Things for Spring from our range of products. We decided to pick the colourful and the vibrant, the fun and the flippant, to bring you a bit of carefree joy to your bridge this May.

Bridge Napkins – For Summer Entertaining

Summer Bridge Napkins

With Spring in the air we can’t help but think of Summer and dining outside. Whether a picnic or a Barbeque it’s always handy to have some paper napkins on hand. These are eco-friendly made from recycled paper and water based inks. They’re constrcuted from durable 3 ply paper so they last the whole meal so a pack overall lasts you longer!

£3.50 per pack

Colourful Bridge Score Card Holders

Colourful Bridge Score Card Holders

Our range of Iguana score card holders are colourful and vibrant and exclusive to us. Have fun combining your favourite colours to make your perfect and unique set. With nine core colours you have over 80 variations to choose from!
£34.99 for 4 Score Card Holders

British Bidder Bidding Boxes

British Bidder bidding box

Our British Bidder Bridge Bidding boxes inject a vibrant new range of colours into the bridge bidding box world! If you’re sick of Jannersten’s uninspired colours then the British Bidder is the box for you. The British Bidders are the first range of bidding boxes available in six striking colours, the first bidding boxes to be made in the UK AND are the first bidding boxes to be made from recyclable materials! That’s a lot of firsts!
£45.95 for 4 including left or right bidding cards

Caspari Playing Cards

Caspari Playing Cards

Ever colourful and ever collectable – Caspari playing cards are always a firm favourite with our customers. We have recently received some of the latest designs from Caspari which really do capture the spirit of Spring. Each twin deck of cards comes in a gold presentation box.
£13.45 including presentation box

Looking for Bridge Ebooks?

IF you’re looking to expand your range of Bridge reading material but not make your bookshelf groan under the weight then ebooks for bridge are a modern solution for the biggest bridge fans.

We have created a Top 10 Bridge E-Books for iPad over on our blog – where we have curated 10 of the best ebooks for bridge

Our New Blog

We are archiving this blog and moving the articles over to our main website as it easier to manage all on one place.

If you enjoy our blog you can find it now by clicking on the link below:

Personal Valentines

MAKE a real impression with your loved one this year with something personalised.

Discounted Tables

WE have a limited number of folding card tables over on our site. We’ve marked them 15% down due to minor cosmetic marks. Buy now and claim an extra £25 Off by using our voucher code.

Winter Sale

WITH winter making itself felt here in the UK we’ve decided to carry on our sales to bring a bit of cheer to our customers. We still have many products available with up to 80% off.

Jannersten Neo Boxes – Low Price

THESE slightly imperfect Jannersten Neo Bridge Bidding Boxes are a cost effective way of updating your Bridge equipment. Available in Red and Blue only. Strictly limited numbers and selling fast in the last days of our 2019 January Sale!

Spare Single Duplicate Bridge Wallets

IF you’re a Bridge teacher these single duplicate bridge wallets are perfect for preparing your lessons.

Commemorative Royal Playing Cards

Collectable William and Kate Royal Playing Cards

SPECIALLY commissioned limited edition playing cards featuring William and Kate to commemorate their wedding in 2011.

These fine quality gilt edged playing cards come as twin pack and are presentation boxed. We only had 500 of these sets produced so are a true collectable and now have a massive 50% OFF in our January sale.