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SALE – Huge reductions on Jannersten Bidding Buddies


WE have just dropped the price on Jannersten Bidding Buddies and Pocket Bridge Partner Boxes to the lowest UK prices available!

Jannersten Bidding Buddy sets are down to an unbelievable £16.99 and the Pocket Bridge Partner Boxes are on sale at £13.50.

See our clearance section to grab yourself an unbelievable New Years bargain today. Hurry though, as stocks are limited and selling fast.

Happy New Year


We’d like to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year and that 2018 brings you good health and many winning Bridge hands!

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August 2nd 2017: Earth Overshoot Day


We busted Earth’s budget!

On August 2nd 2017, a particular news story caught my attention.  The headline read: Today is Earth Overshoot Day.  I read with interest.

What is Earth Overshoot Day?

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year. Read more

Luxury Velvet – A Little Bit of History

The History of Velvet

Early Velvets

Simon has been making beautiful bridge cloths from luxury velvet for over quarter of a century.  Long prized as a luxurious fabric, the roots of velvet span as far back as 2000BC.  First made in Egypt, this luxury fabric was so precious and highly prized that it was only available to royalty and the fabulously wealthy. Read more

Maths Magic!

Have you ever wondered how magicians always seem to know which card you picked?  Watch this witty, entertaining and informative video to see the maths behind the magic!  You’ll never look at a deck of cards the same way again… Read more

52 Factorial

Luxury Personalised Playing Cards Card Couture52 Factorial by Scott Czepiel

Just how many combinations of playing cards are there?  Scott Czepiel tells us a story to help us imagine the number!

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